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Monday's Poem

"Red Willow Baskets" was previously published by The Antigonish Review in 2010 (Vol. 41).

Carla Braidek lives and writes in the boreal forest near Big River,
Saskatchewan. Her book Carrying the Sun was published in 2005 by
Thistledown Press. A second poetry manuscript has finally pulled itself
together and is looking for a home to fly from.

© 2015 by Carla Braidek

Red Willow Baskets

I don’t even recall your name
remember instead your hands
brown with wrinkled skin and strong
the second knuckle on your right hand
large with old injury
the slash across your thumb
healed in a ridge

who gave me baskets of willow
your smooth voice wove words of supple wisdom
like the willows we cut carefully
you explained how to test for strength
what to select and what to reject
how to find the breaking point

you spoke of the future
the tending of the patch
how to trim the branch
just above the bud
to ensure it gave new growth
to bend about a sturdy frame

for frame you recommended ash
straight and true
branches parting from the stem in clean duality
wood honest enough to hold shape

every basket you fashion ferries your words
beyond the bend of each withy
through each arc of ash




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