Welcome to Overleaf, a chapbook manuscript competition which awards contracts to one Canadian and one international poet each year.

Winners will receive 50 copies of their chapbook
as well as publicity and $100.00 to put towards refreshments
for a launch party in their home town.

Everyone who enters will receive a poetry book of their choice from the Leaf Press catalogue
(by return post, shipping paid). Click here for a link to the catalogue, or see our new home page here.

Chapbooks are designed with the fine attention to papers, colours and typography which has made Leaf's reputation over fifteen years. These two will be printed, assembled and hand-stitched in the sunny/rainy studio looking out to the cedar forest.

Blind judging in effect.

The fee of $25.00 per entry supports Leaf's publishing program. By participating you contribute to Canada's small independent publishing community. If you wish to contribute more, simply increase the quantity in the PayPal window.

Please follow the guidelines to ensure your entry is not lost in the email flurry.

1. Pay the entry fee. You have three choices:

Click on the PayPal link below. PayPal accepts Visa (no membership necessary) and is a secure way to pay online.

You may also email through your bank's portal $25.00 to ursulavaira[at]leafpress[dot]ca or send a cheque or money order to Leaf Press, Box 416, Lantzville, BC, Canada, V0R 2H0.

2. Send two attachments: a cover letter and the chapbook manuscript to poems[at]leafpress.ca.     Please put Overleaf in the subject line to ensure your email will not be lost in the flurry. We will     acknowledge receipt.

With the cover letter include the title of the manuscript, your name, postal address, email address and phone number; and the title of the book you wish to receive (click here for a link to the catalogue).

Your manuscript should be 15 pages long maximum. (Line length and poem length will determine the chapbook's shape. Count a maximum of 28 lines per page, including title and stanza breaks. Each poem will begin a new page.) Do not include any identifying information with your manuscript. Previously published poems are welcome as long as they were published in journals or online--not in books or other chapbooks.

3. Deadline: August 15, 2015. Announcement: September 8, 2015. Publication: November 15, 2015.

Thank you very much for participating. We look forward to reading your poems.




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