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November, 2008
Joan Shillington
ISBN 978-0-9783879-6-9
5.5 by 8.5 Trade Paperback
Full colour cover
84 pages $16.95

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by Joan Shillington

Joan Shillington writes about the family life and court influences of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife, Alexandra, as they construct their “nest” over twenty-three years of rule. From the cannon voice of Nicky’s father, Tsar Alexander III, to the Romanov family’s bloody assassination in July 1918, these poems explore a man’s ability to have absolute power in one realm of his life, yet be powerless in another, and, as a result lose it all.

" ... Images of glass and crystal — the windows of the Romanov’s country prison that reflect their hopeful faces in the night; the antiseptic walls in the Faberge factory to keep the Master from the dirt of his own making; the jewels the royals sewed into their garments to keep them from theft but which became the failed body-armour that only prolonged their dying ... written through such images from history as these, Joan Shillington gives us a delicate and sadly sympathetic study of the way in which any family cut off from its society is forever cut off from knowing itself."  Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison's work can be found here

We are grateful to Alexey Titarenko and to the Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York, NY for permission to use the cover image Untitled (Crowd 3) from City of Shadows.

You can see the artist's work at alexeytitarenko.com.
You can visit the gallery at nailyaalexandergallery.com

Joan Shillington has been published in Room of One’s Own, Grain, Freefall, Prairie Journal and University of Calgary’s Writing the Terrain. She is a member of the Alberta Writer’s Guild and Alexandra Writers Centre. At home in Calgary, there is a loft overlooking the Rocky Mountains with a desk and rocking chair where her husband, five children and two grandchildren often sit and visit.

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