Overleaf: the chapbook manuscript competition awards contracts to one Canadian and one international poet each year. This competition is closed: This year's winners were Zoe Dickinsen and Laura Apol.

Chapbooks: This call is now closed until Fall, 2016.

Full-length Poetry Manuscripts: Manuscript submissions are closed at present.

New Year's Co-operative Poem: This call is closed until November. You can see the 2016 poem by clicking here.

By Email only. 
By December 15, 2015 midnight.
An entry consists of one couplet. Each line approximately 12 syllables or fewer.
Please do not rhyme couplets.
Please send only one entry. Please tell us where you live.

Entries which don't have the words Co-operative Poem in the subject line will no doubt be lost in the flurry. We won't have time to notify those who somehow messed up on the guidelines above (their couplets will be thrown into the churning vat of obscurity). But we invite everyone to the website January 1, 2016, to see the poem and the names of the contributors. Here is a link to last year's poem:'t-Repeat.htm

The leaflet series: No political borders for this series.We invite poets to submit five pages of poetry. This format (3.5 by 4.5 inches) is suited to short poems or to one poem of 5 stanzas. Each page holds a maximum of 13 lines (including title and stanza breaks) and 25 characters per line. Click here to see photographs and a sample page. Please include a title for the piece, a dedication (if you like), a 15-word bio, and previous publishing credits for the submitted poems. Editors will make their selections based on the "wow" factor: we want to see the poem that everyone asks to hear at a reading. This call is closed until we can catch up on the huge number of submissions.

Mondays Poem: After eleven years and hundreds of poems, Ursula, Marianne and Suzanne have said goodbye to Monday's Poem. Thank you, everyone who cheered our morning mail. May your 10080 minutes of fame be with you always.

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