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July 2012 | 5.5 x 8.5 | 24 pp | 978-1-926655-43-7 | $12.00

the family of crow

A Poetry Chapbook by Joanne Arnott

Sexy, smart fun, the family of crow plays on the edges of crow and human, masterfully exploring desire and yearning. 
Eden Robinson

Joanne Arnott’s poetry is witty and complex. She digs deep to capture the essence of flighty love and the illusiveness of the “entire realms” played out within the human condition. Poignant and raw…
Garry Gottfriedson, Poet, Traditionalist and Activist

What a beautiful and honest gesture of song, the family of crow. Joanne Arnott shares the tender knowledge of creature-ness, that condition of desire and recognition that expresses pure being as a singing presence. This small gathering is a lovely aid to dwelling in that caw-caphony.
Fred Wah

Joanne Arnott dresses as crow by undressing to become crow, and what is crow? These poems of wise eroticism and deep family and extra-bodily humanity have black wings that are the colour of water in the light.
Harold Rhenisch

Cover Image by jono/joAnne Noble, “crow mandala.”
Interior art by Michael Blackstock, “feeding crow.” Web: Blue Ecology
Chris Bose, Urban Coyote Teevee, “crow in the gutter.” & “the woman and the crow.”
Lee Claremont, “Little Crow Guardian Spirit.”
Jane Kwatleematt Marston, “Crows Gathering to Drink,” & commentary.

Fred Wah's red log has featured the family of crow ... and here is his website:

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