Photo: Charles Earl

Amanda Charlotte Earl has a Masters in French Literature. She leads a succulent life with her husband, Charles, in an aerie high above Ottawa where she writes poetry and fiction. Amanda's first chapbook, Blood Orange, was recently published by Friday Circle. She is the volunteer managing editor of, an electronic magazine publishing Ottawa poetry and literary events, and the Bywords Quarterly Journal.

Amanda: "Snow Witch" was inspired by the glistening snow I walked through this morning. It was so beautiful, I had to dance.

Monday's Poem

© Amanda Charlotte Earl

Snow Witch

She wraps her scarlet hair
around her throat.
Her halo
of snow crystals
scatters sparkling flakes
in her wake.
She glides over
waves of snow.
Holding out her hand,
she counts each point
of shivering light:
these are stars dancing.
She mirrors their reflection
in her eyes.
Walk out in the cold
between moon and sun.
The snow witch
will cast her spell
over you.
Don't be surprised
if you find yourself
through the freshly fallen

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