ISBN 978-1-926655-00-0
5.5 by 6.5 Hand-sewn chapbook
Blue Endpapers 36 pp

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Cover graphic by IStock Photo
used with permission.

A Wild Provenance

Poems from Rivendell

edited by Richard Osler and Linda Lee Crosfield

with an introduction by Patrick Lane:

Poets conjure images, each one surrounding what can’t
be said. Such is song and we sing it gladly, even though sorrow can sometimes be its name. The poems here are both rare and beautiful. Listen.

Patrick Lane


Rosemary Griebel
Anne-Marie Heckt
Lisa Shatzky
Elizabeth McNally
Patricia Smekal
Dvora Levin
Viviann Plenge
Joan Shillington

Jude Neale
Somae-Claire Murray
Linda Lee Crosfield
Ray McGinnis
Deborah Woodley
Richard Osler
Ann Graham Walker





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