November 2006
ISBN 0-9780536-7-2
5.5 by 6.5 Hand-sewn chapbook
Black endpapers 36 pp



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©2006 Zen Sutherland

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The Glenairely poets
edited by Patrick Lane

Patrick Lane:

Something told in the form of metaphor, a poem that rejects the abstract in favour of lucidity, a common speech, woman to woman, man to man, as if around a kitchen table or a workbench, someone saying this happened, the others nodding, having found in themselves a parallel identity, a deeper moment.


Andrea McKenzie
Andy Michaelson
David Pimm
Sandy Martin
Tim Cusack
Barbara Pelman
Yvonne Blomer
Wendy Morton
JoAnn Dionne
Arleen Paré
Susan Stenson

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