July 2004
Patrick Lane, editor
ISBN 0-9735920-1-X
5.5 by4.25 Hand-sewn chapbook
Green translucent endpapers 32 pp
Translucent protective envelope

$10.00 CAN
includes taxes and shipping


Briefly Perfect

a chapbook of poems edited by Patrick Lane

This is the strange fiction where we find we love after all. Isa Milman says, “I want to talk about how beautiful they were,” and, they were, just as all our parents were back in the beginning.

Isa Milman   Ray McGinnis     Susan Stenson
Patrick Carrol   Grace Cockburn Diane Buchanan
Wendy Morton   Chris Bullock  Dvora Levin  Sue Gee

We are grateful to Hajime Kawaguchi for permission
to use his photograph “Lovers”
His work is published at www.savepoint.org


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