July 2004
Patrick Lane, editor
ISBN 0-9735920-0-1
5.5 by4.25 Hand-sewn chapbook
Blue translucent endpapers 32 pp
Clear protective envelope

$10.00 CAN
includes taxes and shipping

:: out of print ::

Letters We Never Sent

a chapbook of poems edited by Patrick Lane


Letters are the clarity we make from confusion, the impulse of the poem taking us to the living and the dead, the ones who are living somewhere in places we don’t know but only imagine, sunlit alpine meadows where the whole earth opens up into space, or dark rooms where only our hands can guide us out.
We are grateful to Special Collections / National Department National and University Library of Iceland for permission to use the ancient map “Islanda” (Bordone, Benedetto, Venice 1547). Click on image to see more antique maps.

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