November 2007
ISBN 0-978-0-9783879-3-8
5.5 by 8.5 Hand-sewn chapbook
Harvest Endpapers 32 pp

::: out of print :::

Cover image is a fragment from
Carole Reid's feather snow studies.

Links to more of her covers:
All That Uneasy Spring

Link to Patrick Lane

Sparrows on Snow

The Glenairely poets
edited by Patrick Lane

"Pam Porter's magpies,
    all rise up
    looking like the whole tree rising
    into the sky.
These poems are such trees and made entirely of birds."

Cassy Welburn
Pamela Porter
Cynthia Woodman Kerkham
Sandy Martin
Arleen Paré
Wendy Morton
David Pimm
Sandra Savage
Dorothy Mahoney
Lisa Jellifo
Grace Cockburn
Barbara Cruikshank
Heather Cardin
Kathie Sutherland
Barbara Pelman

Patrick Lane has received the Governor General’s Award, the Canadian Authors Association Award, two National Magazine Awards, and many others. There Is a Season, his memoir of a year of retreat and healing on his half acre, won the 2005 British Columbia Award for Canadian Non-Fiction. In 2007, he received the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence.

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