March 2006
ISBN 0-9735920-9-5
5.5 by 6.5 Hand-sewn chapbook
Black endpapers 36 pp

$10.00 CAN
Includes taxes and shipping

:: out of print ::

Cover image "Raven"
by Laurie Jacobi
used with permission
Faribault Mills

Link to Patrick Lane

Stark Ravens

a collection of poets edited by Patrick Lane

Lane: "There are poems here that are remarkable. I shiver a bit when Karen Enns says:

And then that turn of phrase to gather the    lovely pulse in its palm
and tighten: I live alone.
The sky opens to whiteness.

... But there’s no point in picking and choosing among so many good poems ..."


Karen Enns
Heidi Garnett
Rosemary Griebel
Susan Jonsson
Joan Shillington
Lesley Strutt

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