November 2007
ISBN 0-978-0-9783879-3-8
5.5 by 8.5 Hand-sewn chapbook
Harvest Endpapers 32 pp

$15.00 CAN
Includes taxes and shipping

Link to cover image: "Wheat"
Used with very kind permission from the
Trinity Cathedral Needlework Guild

of Little Rock, Arkansas

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Starting with Bread

The Glenairely poets
edited by Patrick Lane

These poets offer their poems as a mother offers fresh bread in the afternoon ... I have eaten such bread. I have been brought in from a field by such gifts as these.

Patrick Lane




Rhonda Ganz
Diane Buchanan
Linda Lee Crosfield
Heidi Garnett
Dvora Levin
Leslie McBain
Ray McGinnis
Isa Milman
Richard Osler

Mary Ann Moore
Wendy Morton
Sandra Ridley
Martha Royea
Joan Shillington
Pat Smekal

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