December 2005
Ursula Vaira, editor
ISBN 0-9735920-8-7
5.5 by 6.5 Hand-sewn chapbook
Azure endpapers 36 pp

$10.00 CAN
Includes taxes and shipping



String to Bow

The chapbook of love poems from Leaf's "Looking for Love Poems" contest. We dedicated this book with love to the memory of Candis Graham.


Diane Tucker
Mavis Jones
Jenna Butler
Katy McCuish
Donna Kane
Karen P. Ouellette
Kevin Gillam
Seánan Forbes
Linda Martin
Susan Stenson
Shelley A. Leedahl
Susan Ioannou
Joelene Heathcote
Ariel Gordon
Harold Rhenisch
Mildred Tremblay
Rhona McAdam
Candis Graham
Heather Cardin

Front cover image by Ursula Vaira. We are grateful to Christopher P. Michel for permission to use the fragment from his photograph “Fiddle” on the back cover. His work can be seen at

Thanks also to Heather Cardin—the title is from her poem "String to Bow."


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