April 2006
ISBN 0-9780536-1-3
5.5 by 8.25 Hand-sewn chapbook
Cobalt endpapers 24 pp

$10.00 CAN
Includes taxes and shipping

:: out of print ::

The Slough

a chapbook by Winona Baker

In underpants mother made
from unbleached cotton flour sacks
I spent pre-school summers
playing by a prairie slough
. . .
Before going home
we ran naked into the slough
sloshed mud from ourselves
Anne finger-combed our hair
herded us to a home
that seemed happy then

Winona Baker is a poet, wife, and mother of four children. She has won international awards for haiku and tanka; her poems have been translated into French, Croatian, German, Greek, Japanese, Romanian, and Yugoslavian and are published in over 80 anthologies in North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Japan. She has published five poetry books: Clouds Empty Themselves, Not So Scarlet a Woman (Red Cedar Press, 1987), Beyond the Lighthouse (Oolichan, 1992), Moss-Hung Trees (Reflections, 1992), and Even a Stone Breathes (Oolichan, 2000).

Helen Baker photo

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