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These three chapbooks are from Leaf’s 2002

“Looking for Love Poems” contest

First prize:
Dorothy Mahoney of Windsor, Ontario, for her poem
"love in four positions"

Second prize:
Sandra Lynn Lynxleg of Westbank, BC, for
"Che Wach Choe -- Let the Delirium Begin"

Third prize:
Robert Gore of Vancouver, BC, for his poem
"Swimming in the Ocean at Night"

Many thanks again to our judge Mona Fertig,
who was born on Valentine's Day,
making her the perfect choice.
She is the publisher of (m)thr Tgu Press.


Swimming in the Ocean
at Nigh

Robert Gore
kath macLean
Lorraine Gane
Susan McCaslin
Gillian Harding-Russell
Nellie P. Strowbridge
Ryan Land
Kate Braid

Che Wch Choe ~
Let the Delirium Begin

Sandra Lynn Lynxleg
H.G. Anderson
Ryan Land
Svetlana Ishchenko
Marla Landers
Kate Braid
Kit Pepper
Allan Brown
Shannon Cowan
Sheila McMaster
Linda Martin
Mark Lindenberg

Love in Four Positions

Dorothy Mahoney
Catherine Graham
Russell Thornton
Paul Carr
Pam Galloway
Richard Arnold
Winona Baker
Jan Armstrong
Lynette Van Der Schoot
Mildred Tremblay