a small book series

List of leaflet titles
(this series is complete)

Mary Ann Moore: Fragments
Allan Brown: Here and There
Harvey Jenkins: Gemstones
Leanne Dunic: Swimming Sense
Allison Bishop: My Vision Quest
Winona Baker: Strong Winds from the Sea
Joan MacIntosh: Freight Train Whistle
Dorothy Mahoney:cat hair in the sugar bowl
Adam Cramb: Futher Freedom
Angela Cowan: To Poet

List of oak leaflet titles
(this series is complete)

Debbie Strange: Riding Mountain Haiku
Winona Baker: Strong Winds from the Sea
Louise Carson: 29 words in solitude
Lesley-Anne Evans: Speak in Now
Marina Blokker: Shore Lines
Chelsea Comeau: Beatitudes
Sidney Bending: Mute Crows
Linda Crosfield: The Winter She Slept
Rita Pomade: Dream States
kjmunro: summer evening

List of sky leaflet titles
Jeremy Cantor: The Owl at Sunset
Miki Fukuda: Songs from Twelve Moons of the Bear

Angeline Schellenberg: To Make an Aspie
Peter Christensen: White Egrets



Each leaflet sells for $6.00.

(we pay shipping for all orders)

Please place orders by email:
orders [at] leafpress [dot] ca

We very much admire the
beautiful work of tribe press
and Vincent Tripi
in the Pinch Book Series--
especially "a clear view of"
by Robert Epstein.

We have been inspired.

And thank you to
Mary Ann Moore
for the samples shown
and to Mat Gilroy
for naming the series.




Each book of the series measures 3.5 by 4.25 inches and consists of five pages: concertina folded, and pasted into a Neenah Papers "classic columns" cover of ponderosa pine. The text is set in Arno Pro and printed at Leaf Press on laser and inkjet; then hand folded and assembled and glued as the seasons unfold outside our windows.

Here are some images from the original leaflet and from the oak leaflet (oak series now complete). Please click to zoom.

original cover with white title band
the second series: oak leaflet cover with hand-punched oak leaf

the third series: sky leaflet cover

view of inside pages




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