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March 2016 | 8.5 x 11 | 24 pp | 978-1-926655-95-6 | $10.00

Last Memories
Christine Johnson's
Life in Poems

A poetry chapbook by Isa Milman

When we first met, Christine was already having trouble with everything we expect our brains to do: make sense of the world around us and make us fully sensate human beings. …She'd always been a lover of poetry, so perhaps we could write poems together.

                      …I feel it here, you say
hugging your belly, I know something's happening
when I feel it here
            a page loosening, a fragment momentarily

visible.   It gives me hope, you say.


Isa Milman is a writer, visual artist and retired occupational therapist.
She's authored three award-winning poetry collections, and a letter-press chapbook
by Frog Hollow Press. Since retiring, she offers creative writing opportunities to individuals
living with chronic health conditions through her consulting practice, The Milman Sisters Institute.

This chapbook was assembled and stitched at Leaf Press
as a river of rain flowed down the gravel driveway.

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