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Chapbook Catalogue

Crossing by Alison Watt
The Bathymetry of Lax Kwaxl by Sheila Peters
Four Neat Holes by Al Remple and Mo Hamilton
Last Memories by Isa Milman
Celestial Bodies by Laura Apol
Public Transit by Zoe Dickinson
What You Leave Behind by Chelsea Comeau
This Flesh That You Know by Anne Elvey
Cascadiaa fortunate collaboration: answers to the
question how will we write this place, here, now?
Middle Child of Summer—31 Poems for August
by Kim Clark
Every Word Spoken, by Juleta Severson-Baker
Ottawa, by Michael Kenyon
Neon Headband, by Richard Stevenson
Old Growth, Clear-Cut, by Michelle Barker
The Puzzle at the End of Love,
by Ann Graham Walker
the family of crow, by Joanne Arnott
Where the Water Lives, by Richard Osler
driftworks, by Nicole Pakan

You Are Here, by Mary Ann Moore

Those Astonishments of Sorrow, of Joy
by Wendy Donawa
thirteen poems for releasing love
by joanne thorwaldson

Maya: poems for the summer solstice
by gillian harding-russell

Beauty and Beyond: Songs of Small Mercies
by Lorraine Gane
if one petal falls, by Kelly Shepherd,
translated to Korean by Sunhyung Kwon
Postcards from the Sky, by Wendy Morton
Stunned, by Patricia Young
With Kelly and After, by Dorothy Field
Mimic, by Adrienne Gruber
A Monk's Fine Robes: a haiku sequence from Cambodia, by Terry Ann Carter
Paper Birds, by Lasqueti Island Winter Poets
Landscapes and Home: ghazals, by Yvonne Blomer
blackberries, by Allan Brown
Self Storage, by John Pass
The Earth's Kitchen, by Rhona McAdam
The Canonical Hours, by Eugene McNamara
Those Early Days, Hopeful by Mary Ann Moore
This Awakening to Light, by Pamela Porter
Hay Day Canticle, by David Zieroth
Cedar Cottage Suite, by Sandy Shreve
Momenti by Tina Biello
The Octopus Hunter, by Janna Wilson
The Mermaid and Other Fairy Tales, by Yi-Mei Tsiang




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