July 2004
John Sweet
ISBN 0-9732765-8-4
5.5 by 8.5 Hand-sewn chapbook
Scarlet endpapers 28 pp
100 copies (50 signed and numbered)

$10.00 CAN
includes taxes and shipping


a chapbook by john sweet

  john sweet, 35, married, a father of 2, most of his
life spent in the rural wastelands of upstate new york,
where anything beautiful is defined by the ugliness
of everything that surrounds it. underpaid, overeducated
and a believer in both the written word and the
futility of the written word.

Cover image: "New Shadows" used with permission:
Art. Lebedev Design. See posters at www.artlebedev.com

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This chapbook is now available only from the author. Please write to mail (at) leafpress (dot) ca for ordering information.

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