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The Attitude of the Tree: Sixteen Tao Poems

by Leanne McIntosh

ďa blank page ...
where it was written
I am still in love


The Invention of Birds by the Island Women Poets

I sit with my threads and needles,
my mindís eye
filled with the brilliance.
My fingers stitch feather to wing,
carve bone hollow as flute,
start the minute machinery of heart.

from "The Invention of Birds" by Alison Watt


Small Lake With Pine Trees by Cornelia Hornosty

Birds take chances, move freely,
wear a hopeful countenance,
are busy with life, are in life, with no watches
to check the time ...


Breathing the Mountain

by Luanne Armstrong

The sere brown muck of November
chases up up the corkscrew pass, winding us
into the mountains, towards home.
We have done this many times


Dinner Party

A collection edited by Patrick Lane


Ipsissima Verba

A long poem by Janice Lore

ipsissima verba:
“the very words, the exact language”

All our mistranslations result in beauty.