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Stark Ravens edited by Patrick Lane

And then that turn of phrase to gather the lovely pulse in its palm
and tighten: I live alone.
The sky opens to whiteness.
          Karen Enns

String to Bow

The chapbook of love poems from Leaf's "Looking for Love Poems" contest. We dedicated this book with love to the memory of Candis Graham.

by Margo Button
Co-winner of the '05 Malahat Long Poem contest

he big bruiser orders me to move my car
parked in front of his house. Says he’s a cop.

So? I’m a poet. A raging granny too.
It beats depression or medication

Cry Poetry

by Tom Brown

How to respond when doctors tell you
six months maybe twelve
Excuse me sir there must be
some mistake
you cannot sentence life
for good behaviour

The Slough by Winona Baker

In underpants mother made
from unbleached cotton flour sacks
I spent pre-school summers
playing by a prairie slough


The Glenairely poets
edited by Patrick Lane

If you hear it again, it may be true
Anthony Holden

Witch in White

The Glenairely poets
edited by Patrick Lane

The simple light, the dark eye on the mud,
the nubs of grain, and waddle round
the feather down, your hand,
and then the wing, the lift
of words, your voice ...            
Susan Gee

And Roll from Me like Water
The Erotic Tanka Suite

by Rhonda Batchelor

After you cry out
and roll from me like water,
you hold me to you.
I turn my head as tears come;
too soon to say I love you.


by Tom Reynolds

boy oh boy
nothing is ever
the thrill that you hope for.

Halo of Morning

by Glen Sorestad

The awakening sky
is a splendid halo
we wear as we walk ...

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