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2015 Titles:

Crossing, by Alison Watt

Cradle Song: Poems about Newborns, editors Walker/Vaira

When All the Scissor Work is Done, by David Fraser

Threshold by Marilyn Bowering and Xan Shian

Nelle fenditure profonde delle mura, a bilingual selection from In the Bone Cracks of the Walls

Make It True: Poetry From Cascadia, The wildness of the mind Charles Olson would suggest was a use of speech at its "least careless and least logical."
I Want, by Joseph A. Dandurand. "A bareknuckle brawl of lust and longing."
  Trade Titles 2014
The Blue Halo, by Lorraine Gane. "These poems will be there for us when all else fails."
In the Bone Cracks of the Walls, by Tina Biello. "Cascalenda, a magical place in her storytelling."
Fishing for Mermaids, by Mary Ann Moore. "A magic carpet ride."
A Quiet Coming of Light - A Poetic Memoir, by Jude Neale. "Humour - a sure sign that some kind of healing has happened."
Before the Dark, by Allan Brown. "Exquisite musicality." "classical in the best sense of the word."
Hue: a Day at Butchart Gardens
a haiku primer by T.A. Carter
  2013 and Earlier Trade Titles
Poems from Planet Earth. "The most fabulous poetry readings this town has ever seen!"
milk tooth bane bone by Daniela Elza."These crows are mischievous ..."
Dark Matter by Leanne McIntosh. "A unique journey
of friendship between two unlikely people."
Surge Narrows by Emilia Nielsen. "if we could taste it, this book would be salmonberry. It would be salt."
The Wild Weathers: a gathering of love poems. And here is love: trying to portage the bog of refusal...
The Bright Well edited by Fiona Tinwei Lam. "It's a strange relief, a remembrance, the release of tears and the return of rejoicing.
Unearthed by Janet Marie Rogers. "...haunting and devastating—a lovely, searing collection."
Only the Fallen Can See by Jude Neale. "A compelling journey of a mother struggling with bipolar illness."
True by Kirsty Elliot. "Pink feather boas and spruce trees. Glitter and firelight."
Curving the Line / Curvando la línea by Carmen Leñero. Translated by Lorna Crozier
Falling Season by Beth Kope ... "this is a quietly stunning book"
My Nature by Christine Lowther. "a genius for loci ... the pervading spirit of a place."
So Large an Animal by Bibiana Tomasic. "poems of lament, tribute, reclamation and celebration."
Flesh in the Inkwell—poems from a writer's life; an autobiography in verse by Winona Baker.
Let Beauty Be: a Season in the Highlands, Guatemala Kit Pepper. "Simply radiant sight!"
Huge Blue by Patrick Pilarski. "Monumental footfalls.."
Obituary of Light: the Sangan River Meditations by Susan Musgrave. Poems from Masset on Haida Gwaii.
Precipitous Signs: a Rain Journal by Leanne Boschman. "Saturated with the North Coast ..."
Looking for Lucy by Wanda Campbell. "An invigorating quest ..." Canadian Literature
Revolutions by Joan Shillington. " ... the windows of the Romanov’s country prison..." Richard Harrison
roughened in undercurrent by Shauna Paull. "Glimpses the common astonishments of lives lived at risk..."
Ride Backwards on Dragon—a poet's journey through Liuhebafa by Kim Goldberg. "A lush book full of alchemy..." Out of Print
The Discipline of Undressing by K. Louise Vincent.
"I was astounded ..."
Out of Print